Whole Class Reading Planning – Volcanoes!

Where I teach and lead Reading we currently teach using whole class reading via a combination of Reciprocal Reading and the Read with RIC approach.

Included here is a week of Reading planning with a focus on Volcanoes (our current topic). There are 2 reciprocal reading lessons planned using non-fiction extracts titled Heart of Fire and Volcanic Landscapes. There is then a RIC lesson using the Volcanic Landscapes extract (7 questions) and a RIC lesson using a NASA image with information of the martian volcano Olympus Mons.

I teach in Year 3 and the skills focus statement for the week was taken from the Year 3/4 section of the national curriculum. Should be useful across KS2 though as these skills are amongst those tested in the KS2 assessments.

Please feel free to download and use as you wish…

Reading Plan wc28.1.19

Heart of Fire Extractwc28.1.19

Volcanic Landscapes Extractwc28.1.19

Olympus Mons RICwc28.1.19

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