Review – Open Very Carefully

After a busy day exploring castles, abbeys and England’s highest waterfall, T still had enough energy for an exciting, interactive bedtime story – Open Very Carefully by Nicola O’Byrne and Nick Bromley.The story begins with a suggestion that this might be a retelling of the Ugly Duckling fairytale, but that is soon thrown out when something that doesn’t belong interrupts the opening. A crocodile tail and a quick came of spot the hidden animal soon leads the reader to a crocodile who appears to have invaded the book! And that isn’t where the inconvenience ends! The crocodile is soon eating letter and then whole sentences!Some reader rocking sends the crocodile to sleep and it’s at this point that the young duckling makes a startlingly silly error, drawing a tutu and ballet shoes onto the croc! When he wakes, he isn’t best pleased and his anger only worsens when he bashes against the edge of the book! Shaking doesn’t get rid of him but then the crocodile takes matters into his own hands and eats his way out of the book! Duckling and reader are left wondering where he might turn up next!Whilst in no way a traditional story, this does make for a really fun read together. There are questions asked of the reader by the book, lots of silly things to laugh at (T found the tutu hilarious) and multiple interactive elements! We love a book that breaks the fourth wall and this does it superbly – it had us both laughing, jumping and shaking the book about!Lots of fun to read with children 4 and up (younger children might find it scary) although don’t be thinking thos will settle your little one before bed! T told me, “I really liked that one dad and it was lots of fun.” He also had a really good go at a solo read, enjoying the interactive elements and remembering key text… can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…


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