Review – Wild Violet!

For tonight’s bedtime story, T was attracted to “the cheeky monkey” on the front cover of Wild Violet! by Alex Latimer and Patrick Latimer.

Now, the cheeky monkey tag could be given to the actual monkey on the front cover of this book, or it could just as easily be a label for the young girl, Violet, who also features on the front cover and is the star of the story. Violet was, you see, born wild and this wildness is something she has never grown out of! Exhausted, defeated, Violet’s parents decided they need a break from the chaos created by their daughter and beg grandmother to take her for just one afternoon.

Grandma duly obliges and heads off to the zoo with Violet, hoping she will find the fresh air calming. Unfortunately, the wild animals instead give Violet more ideas for wild behaviour, to the point where Grandma takes home a monkey rather than a Violet at the end of the day! When her parents also fail to notice it looks like Violet will be staying wild forever! But is the what she really wants? Or will she miss home and realise the error of her ways?

A very relatable story for any parent who has a tornado toddler of their own – this book captures the exuberance and exhaustion of child and parent perfectly! The story is well written, with some repetition of structure linking parts and adding to the engagement. It’s fun and relatable/recognisable but carries a warning that children will pick up on – T definitely did! We also enjoyed the busy, silly illustrations which captured the character and story feel well!

A book that is fun to read with children 3 and up but which also acts as a bit of a guide on the consequences of poor behaviour. T enjoyed the story and Violet in particular, telling me, “she is a bit naughty but then good and loves her mummy and daddy apart from when she is a dinosaur!” (I think the dinosaur is a metaphor for naughty!) He enjoyed a swift solo read, showing lots of interest at various key points…

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…


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