Review – Little Big

Despite T being pretty much asleep after a visit to see his new baby cousin (born this morning!), he insisted on a story and Little Big, by Jonathan Bentley, felt appropriate.

Little Big is the story of a young boy who wants to be bigger, just like his big brother. Through a series of spreads, he imagines various benefits of being bigger using different animals;

  • Big legs like a giraffe.
  • Big hands like a gorilla.
  • A big mouth like a crocodile.

Each time, he imagines great benefits but also realises that there would be consequences – the loss of things he currently is able to enjoy thanks, at least in part, to his littleness. One final encounter with his big brother dressed as a monster helps him to realise that he is “perfectly little.”

A cure story, with a simple but very effective main idea. The comparisons with recognisable animals make his hopes accessible and also allow for some gorgeous, very cool illustrations. This is one that little boys and girls, and young siblings in particular, will be able to relate too. A lovely read, perfect for children 3 and up.

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…


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