Review – Mrs Mole, I’m Home!

T decided today, again, that he wanted to do bedtime with mummy so that meant I got to enjoy another bedtime story with Baby L. For tonight’s read, we chose Mrs Mole, I’m Home! by Jarvis.

This is a simple, silly story about a short-sighted mole who can’t find his glasses and decides to head home anyway! Off he borrows, only to pop up in increasingly unlikely, and incorrect, places! Mole visits rabbit holes, swamps and even Antarctica before a familiar, and delicious, smell sends him in the right direction!

This book has a nice, easy to follow structure and each new destination is set up well and includes lots of humour. The illustrations add to humour with Mole often doing ridiculously silly things thanks to his lack of glasses (which, obviously, are on his head all along!). We both enjoyed the silliness and opportunity to try out lots of different voices for the different animals! L was particularly taken by the pictures of Mole in the swamp!

You can get a copy of tonight’s bedtime read via the following link…


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