Our Planet KS2 Cutest Baby Animals Comprehension

How can you not love anything that David Attenborough does! I was so inspired by his latest series with Netflix – Our Planet – that I decided to put together a set of comprehensions to use with my class over the rest of this school year!

Amongst many awesome clips of the show that Netflix have uploaded to YouTube, you can find this uber cute one on baby animals (always going to be a winner)!

To go with this clip, I put together a comprehension which focuses primarily on vocabulary. Should make for an awesome lesson once the children have stopped cooing at the cute animals! You can download the questions, with answers using the link below. The PDF looks prettier or you can edit/improve the Word Doc should you so wish…

Our Planet Cute Baby Animals Comp KS2 – Editable Word Doc

Our Planet Cute Baby Animals Comp KS2 – Funky PDF

Should you wish to follow my lead and use a clip a week for the rest of the school year, you can download 12 comprehensions (164 questions), with answers, covering all of the KS2 reading domains by clicking through the following link…


Let me know what you think, and share any other ideas for using these magical clips, in the comments section…

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