Review – Collecting Cats

Tonight's book choice is one that T was drawn immediately too on our most recent library visit (thanks mainly to the epic front cover) - Collecting Cats by Lorna Scobie. This book has an unseen narrator who reveals a desire to collect cats. A plan involving cheese and mice is set in motion and initially... Continue Reading →

Review – A Tale of Two Beasts

Tonight T picked out a faintly recognisable book (girl/wolf/wood) and it was like nothing we have read before! A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Roberton. This is a book split into two parts. Part One is titled The Strange Beast and tells the story of a young girl walking home from her grandma's through... Continue Reading →

Review – Blue Penguin

T has been loving animals recently, and it was the penguin on the front cover that helped him select tonight's bedtime story - Penguin Blue by Petr Horáček. One day, in the far south, a blue penguin is born. The other penguins aren't sure about him, despite reassurance that he is a penguin and proof... Continue Reading →

Review – Gecko’s Echo

For tonight's bedtime story, T picked out a book he had been very excited to find on our most recent library visit - Gecko's Echo by Lucy Rowland and Natasha Rimmington. In this showcase of one mother's bravery and ingenuity, we meet Gecko who spends her time guarding her little Gecko eggs. Over the course... Continue Reading →

Review – Colin and Lee Carrot and Pea

T went straight for another new library choice for tonight's bedtime story, picking out Colin and Lee Carrot and Pea by Morag Hood. As you might have guessed from the title, this is the story of an unlikely friendship. Lee, a pea, is best friends with a carrot called Colin. Their friendship endures despite the... Continue Reading →

Review – The New LiBEARian

As part of an extremely busy Saturday, we squeezed in a visit to the library and tonight had a bag full of new books to choose from. It was from here that T picked out The New LiBEARian, by Alison Donald and Alex Willmore, for his bedtime story. Its storytime at the library and a... Continue Reading →

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