Review: Space Tortoise

Tonight, after a very busy day, T decided to read the book that mummy shared with Baby L last night - Space Tortoise by Ross Montgomery and David Litchfield. Tortoise lives a lonely life in a rusty old bin in an empty park. His life is comfortable and he has everything he needs apart from... Continue Reading →

Review: Hat Tricks

Tonight, T finally remembered a book he had been instantly drawn to on a recent library visit, picking out Hat Tricks, by Satoshi Kitamura, for his bedtime story. Hattie is a magic rabbit with a magic hat and the entirety of this story is her pulling things out of her hat. It isn't as simple... Continue Reading →

Review: Astro Girl

Tonight, T picked out a book on daddy's favourite subject (space). We read Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max. Astrid is a young girl who has loved the stars and space for as long as she can remember. She dreams of being an astronaut and is eager to share this ambition with anyone who will listen.... Continue Reading →

Review: It’s MY Sausage

Today, whilst Daddy was out, we received some exciting #bookpost which T opened without me and proceeded to take up to his room. It was from this new selection that T picked out tonight's bedtime story - It's MY Sausage by Alex Willmore. This is a simple story that anybody who has been in a... Continue Reading →

Review: Horrible Bear!

Tonight, T picked out a story that seemed to hit him right in the feels as we finished - Horrible Bear! by Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora. The 'horrible bear' in question is actually sleeping soundly in his cave when a lost kite is blown in on the wind. The kites owner, a young girl... Continue Reading →

Review: The Storm Whale

Tonight, after an exciting and incident-filled day, T picked out a book I have been looking forward to reading with him for a very long time - The Storm Whale by Benji Davies. In this story we meet a boy called Noi who lives with his dad and six cats in a rickety house by... Continue Reading →

Review: Going to the Volcano

Today we picked up a few books from the library and T was immediately drawn to this one, reading it by himself and then picking it out for his bedtime story - Going to the Volcano by Andy Stanton and Miguel Ordóñez. In this story we join Jane and Dwayne as they head off to... Continue Reading →

Review: Baby’s First Jailbreak

Today is a rather special day for our little blog - Day 600! To celebrate, we picked out the sequel to one of our all-time favourite reads for tonight's bedtime story - Baby's First Jailbreak by Jim Whalley and Stephen Collins. If you have yet to meet Baby Frank, his first picturebook outing involved bank... Continue Reading →

Review: Herman’s Holiday

We first met Herman and Henry - best friends who still enjoy writing a letter - whilst on holiday and today, as our summer holidays edge towards their end 😥, T picked out a second story featuring the two friends: Herman's Holiday by Tom Percival. Herman and Henry are enjoying the warm summer, busily planning... Continue Reading →

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