Review: The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice

Today we received an exciting piece of book post and after a read at the table (“read me the book Daddy, you have finished your tea.”), T decided he wanted the same again for his bedtime story – The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice by Julie Ballard and Francesca Gambatesa.

Milly Jo is the dinosaur referred to in the title. Blessed with a beautiful voice that encourages other dinosaurs to dance rather than fight, disaster strikes when a tree falls and hits Milly Jo during a storm. The implications of the accident only become clear the next day when Milly Jo tries to sing and nothing escapes her mouth!

Stegosaurus hits on an idea for the other dinosaurs to sing and make Milly Jo feel better; sadly, their singing is dreadful! Eager to still make use of her many talents, Milly Jo sets about teaching her friends how to sing properly (not easy without a voice) and we soon have a troupe of tuneful dinosaurs all singing in harmony! The choir overcome another storm to put on a fantastic show and Milly Jo learns that she can still do amazing things, with friends by her side!

This is a book with the x-factor, an absolute nailed on hit with young readers. It has the picturebook holy trinity of a super rhyme, a positive message and a set of characters that will appeal to all – is their a child in the world who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! The rhyme here is done perfectly and the story is well-written (A long-lost time ago might be my new favourite story opening) and a joy to read aloud, fast-paced and flowing easily. We also really enjoyed the illustrations with their soft backgrounds which the colourful dinosaurs stand out against. T did have one question though – why does Milly Jo have green spots on the front cover but not in the book?

Children of all ages WILL love this: guaranteed! T definitely enjoyed it, we have read it twice in a couple of hours! He told me, “I really liked the dinosaurs and I liked the singing friends and dancing.” He did have a go at a solo read but I shall spare you the loud and incoherent singing!!!

An incredible debut and one we would highly recommend. You can get yourself a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…

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