Review: Dinosaur Police

Today has been a busy and exciting day – ballet (with a trophy), completing the Summer Reading Challenge, My Pet Pals workshop, roller skating and more! T had no interest in letting the excitement drop at bedtime, picking out Dinosaur Police, by Sarah McIntyre, for his bedtime story.

The Dinosaur Police are led by a gruff Sergeant Stig O’Saurus and it’s his barked RED ALERT that interrupts a quiet morning. Turns out there is a T-Rex on the rampage in the local pizza factory! The sergeant and Inspector Sarah Tops immediately rush off and find Trevor the T-Rex stuffing himself full of pizza and creating a huge mess!

It looks at first as though stopping Trevor as, with belly full, he falls asleep! But, in waking, he manages to slip his tiny arms through the handcuffs and is on the run again! Soon the whole of the police force are in pursuit but its left to a mistake on a building site to bring Trevor to a stop! When he proves rubbish at making pizzas as an apology, the mayor has an awesome idea for a suitable punishment! BAWRPP!

If you mix dinosaurs with exciting chase scenes, humour and burping you have probably got yourself a winner! The story zips along rapidly with lots of laughs along the way (I really enjoyed the police names – Sarah Tops is genius!)! The illustrations are silly and bright and will appeal to young readers!

This is a nailed on hit with children 3 and up who will laugh throughout and enjoy the thrill of the chase! T loved it and told me, “that was really funny and I liked the police catching the bad guy and the rainbow burp.” He really enjoyed this burp-themed page…

and you can see that in tonight’s solo read…

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the link below…

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