Review: Save the Day for Ada-May!

Tonight we had the chance to take part in our second blog tour of this month (a big thanks to Willow Tree books for inviting us to be a part of their first ever blog tour!), reading Save the Day for Ada May! by Elizabeth Dale and Patrick Corrigan.

This is a story with a twist that even comes with some instructions before the reading begins!

When we begin, we find Ada May out feeding the ducks with her big brother, Max. Unfortunately, Max is so caught up in feeding the ducks that he accidentally knocks Ada May’s pram and the adventure begins! Young readers are given the responsibility for saving the day for Ada May by tipping and turning the book, pulling funny faces shouting and stomping their feet! Can we avert disaster and get Ada May back to her brother in one piece?!

This is an exciting twist on the traditional story, with lots of interactive elements and a well thought-out layout which keeps the excitement going at a super-fast pace! Children will enjoy being asked to tip the book and pull funny faces and feel success at getting Ada May out of lots of difficult scrapes (our favourite was the bull!).

This is a well-plotted, interactive adventure which will have young readers smiling and feeling a real sense of achievement. The illustrations are bright, undeniably cute and bring the peril to the page well, with Ada May giggling throughout!

Children 3 and up will love taking part in this exciting story. T was busy throughout and told me at the end, “I really liked doing the turning and funny faces to save the little girl.” He had a good go at modelling some of the actions in tonight’s solo read…

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…

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