Review: There’s an Alien In Your Book

For the second consecutive night we enjoyed a hands-on, interactive story as T picked out There’s an Alien In Your Book by Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott.

This is a sequel to the best selling There’s a Monster In Your Book (you can read our review of this past #BookoftheWeek winner here) and it’s fair to say we enjoyed this one just as much! Here, an alien has crash-landed and at first we are guided to scare it away using a scary face and loud voice. When this leads to alien tears, the tone softens and the help begins. First there are a few attempts at helping alien back into space before a touching realisation that, even though he looks different, he should be welcome to stay. There is even an appearance from Monster to help us on our way to a happy ending!

This is a real treat of a book – it’s creative, engaging and full of fun. There is a lot expected of young readers who are hands on and have to manipulate the book in all sorts of ways alongside lots of shouting, funny faces and imagination! Embrace the excitement and you will have a great time. The bossy instructions work really well and the accompanying illustrations are a real treat – realistic, bright and fun. This will be a strong contender for #BookoftheWeek!

Not ideal if you want a sleep-inducing bedtime story but brilliant if you fancy some action and fun. Children of all ages will LOVE it! T told me, “I liked it because it was fun and nice when Monster came to help with the spaceship.” You can see how much he enjoyed himself in tonight’s solo read…

You can get yourself a copy of tonight’s story via the link below…

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