Review: Mine, Mine, Mine! Said The Porcupine

Over the past few weeks we have been ‘borrowing’ some of Baby L’s library books (to the point where his account is full) and so mummy told us to start picking from that pile! Tonight T picked out Mine, Mine, Mine! Said The Porcupine by Alex English and Emma Levey.

Porcupine pops over to Alfie’s house one day and is invited inside to play. Unfortunately, Afie quickly discovers that Porcupine isn’t very good at sharing when he snatches one toy after another from Alfie rather than go with the suggestion that they play together. Eventually, Porcupine has declared every toy “Mine” so Alfie heads into his play tent for some imaginary fun. How will Porcupine react when he hears Alfie having a great time? And might he learn an important lesson?

A simple, recognisable story about the struggle to get children to share their toys. Parents will recognise Porcupine well but there is perhaps a missed opportunity with the final message as Porcupine doesn’t learn the error of his ways – he is more lucky that Alfie is a nice boy. The illustrations are a lot of fun – particularly Porcupine’s sneaky face and ingenuity collecting toys!

An introduction to the concept of sharing which should prompt some discussion with young readers. T mainly enjoyed admiring Alfie’s impressive range of toys and told me, “I would like a rocket ship and dinosaur.”

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the link below…

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