Review: Herman’s Holiday

We first met Herman and Henry – best friends who still enjoy writing a letter – whilst on holiday and today, as our summer holidays edge towards their end 😥, T picked out a second story featuring the two friends: Herman’s Holiday by Tom Percival.

Herman and Henry are enjoying the warm summer, busily planning their holidays. Unfortunately, everywhere they want to go is too expensive and it looks as though they shall be staying at home. Henry is very upset about this so Herman, who hates seeing his friend feeling sad, sets about finding a holiday they can afford.

Within the week, the pair are off on a camping trip. Sadly, Henry isn’t keen on camping and, when things like putting up his tent prove difficult, he wants to go home, and says as much in a postcard to his aunt. Herman is an insightful friend, and notices that Henty doesn’t seem to be having the best time. Determined to put this right, he sends off lots of postcards in the hope of putting another big idea into practice. I shall leave you to discover what his big idea is…

This is a nice story about friendship with a really likeable pairing at its heart. The story, whilst perhaps not as profound as some of Tom’s more recent picturebooks, still shows a great understanding of feelings and has a hopeful, happy message at its heart. The illustrations are lots of fun, particularly Henry trailing behind then lurching from one disaster to another whilst camping, and the postcard flaps had some nice interaction to the experience.

A lovely, fun story to explore with children 3 and up. T enjoyed it and told me, “I like the friendly bear and when Henry gets all wet.”

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…

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