Review: Triangular Trev and the Shape Idols

Despite a trip to the library today, T was eager to read some recent #bookpost and picked out Triangular Trev and the Shape Idols, by Christina Gabbitas and Simon Cooper. Trev, as you can probably guess from the title, is a triangle. Walking through the park one day, he pumps into another triangle and they... Continue Reading →

Review: Kitchen Disco

For tonight's story, T had a look through some recent charity shop finds and picked out Kitchen Disco by Clare Foges and Al Murphy. Kitchen Disco is one big reveal. It turns out that while the people of the house sleep through the night, the kitchen turns into one big party! Fruits are massive ravers... Continue Reading →

Review: Willy and the Cloud

Tonight, T reached the end of his library pile with Willy and the Cloud by Anthony Browne. Willy is a dapper young chimp who sets out for the park on a warm, sunny day. Suddenly, he is joined by a cloud that he can't seem to shake off. It spoils his visit to the park... Continue Reading →

Review: The Big Beyond

After some Solar System drawing yesterday, T decided he wanted "to carry on learning about space" tonight and picked out The Big Beyond, by James Carter and Aaron Cushley, for his bedtime story. After blasting off with a countdown from 10 (should any book about space ever start in any way other than this going... Continue Reading →

Review: The Bum Drum Conundrum

Tonight, T picked out another book we had received in some #bookpost what seems like quite a while ago - The Bum Drum Conundrum written by Melanie Proulx & Ashley Lanni and illustrated by Amelia Hart. The story centres around a young girl called Malina. Malina loves playing at the park with her friends but... Continue Reading →

Review: Sun

Tonight T picked out one of the last books in our current library pile - Sun by Sam Usher. The premise here is simple. A boy, our narrator, wakes up one morning to find the sun blazing down on the hottest day of the year. He agrees with his grandad that this type of day... Continue Reading →

Review: Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!

Tonight, we returned to one of the most successful picture book series of all time when T picked out Oi Duck-Billed Platypus by Kes Gray and Jim Field. In this installment, Frog is in role as the bossy seater but immediately hits on a problem when he goes to tell a duck-billed platypus to sit... Continue Reading →

Review: The Great Dog Bottom Swap

Tonight, after a visit to see the new addition to our family (the super-cute baby George), we headed back to our hotel room to read The Great Dog Bottom Swap by Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka. If you've ever found yourself wondering why dogs are often so insistent on sniffing each other's bottoms, then this... Continue Reading →

Review: Hack and Whack

Tonight, T picked out a book - Hack and Whack by Francesca Simon and Charlotte Cotterill - and immediately made what proved to be an accurate judgement from the cover! Having handed me the book with the words, "this looks like a naughty one daddy," we opened up to find to rampaging Vikings making a... Continue Reading →

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