Seven Worlds, One Planet: Snub-nosed Monkeys Comprehension!

snub-nosed monkey

In one of the most exciting and stunning sequences from the Seven Worlds, One Planet episode on Asia, Sir David Attenborough followed a group of snub-nosed monkeys as they battled to survive a terrible winter. Whilst barely surviving on bark and moss, a rival group arrive to do battle for the food and territory!

The clip is full of drama and the narration jam-packed with rich language like ‘territory,’ ‘wretchedly,’ ‘sustain’ and ‘fray.’ It makes for an exciting clip to watch and unpick in the classroom and I shall be using this as a comprehension lesson with my class.

You can download the comprehension, which includes the script as read by Sir Dave and a whopping 25 questions, for FREE, here…

Snub-nosed Monkey clip

And if you haven’t seen the clip yet, you can watch it here…

If you enjoy using this clip in the classroom, let me know in the comments section below! You can also download lots of other comprehensions using clips from this and other shows by Sir Dave (including Dynasties and Our Planet) on this site – just type ‘Attenborough’ into the search bar!

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