Review: Iguanas Love Bananas

Tonight, T finally picked out a book we had received in a batch of #bookpost what seems like forever ago – Iguanas Love Bananas by Jennie & Chris Cladingbee and Jeff Crowther.

What we have here is a book that has taken a hefty dose of inspiration from a best-seller to deliver up a rhyming whirlwind through animals and their favourite foods. From caviar munching Jaguars to raving Koala Bears who love chocolate eclairs, there is lots here that will raise a smile. The rhyme is tight, the humour is laid on thick and the pages of full of colourful, silly illustrations! A definite winner.

Being honest, I was ready to dismiss this as a rip-off of the Oi series, but to be fair this is a fun little book in it’s own right. We both laughed throughout and T was keen to look back at lots of the animals (particularly the Jaguar and Puffins). He told me, “that was funny but I don’t know why everyone didn’t like brussel sprouts!”

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…

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