Review: Pencil Dog

We had another choice for the library pile tonight as T picked out Pencil Dog by Leigh Hodgkinson.

This is the story of a young girl and her friend Pencil Dog who ensures that her days are never dull, drawing out endless, imaginative adventures for the pair to enjoy. Then, one day, Pencil Dog disappears mid-story and the girl tracks him down asleep and almost worn out. Realising Pencil Dog is no longer as sharp as he once was, the girl takes the lead on adventures until the day comes were Pencil Dog disappears altogether. But is someone so special ever really truly gone?

What we have hear is a genuinely lovely story that celebrates friendship and imagination. The topic of loss is dealt with sensitively and in a hopeful way, with a lovely final spread that parents will appreciate as they read this with their children. The illustrations use colours well to show mood and are packed full of imagination.

T was moved by this one and told me, “I liked it but a little bit not to because I felt sad when Pencil Dog was gone.” This led to a conversation about loss and memories.

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the link below…

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