Review: When the Crocodiles Came to Town

Tonight T headed once more for his library #tbr pile and picked out When the Crocodiles Came to Town by Magda Brol.

The story is narrated by a young boy who tells of the day when a crocodile family turned up in how town. The crocodiles were different, behaved in new and unusual ways and didn’t necessarily for the rules/norms. Despite the boy being taken with the new arrivals, the rest of the townsfoke weren’t too keen and they demand that the crocodiles leave. Its whilst they are packing and heading out of town that their chance to shine arrives as they bump into two notorious robbers. Can the crocodiles save the day and show the people of Dullsville that they are worthy of a place in the town?

A clever, simple way to explore with young readers the idea of immigrants/new arrivals and the sometimes adverse reactions people might have to this – a very topical, political issue. It’s nice that the crocodiles get their chance to shine but I often wish with this type of book that the people who were being unkind learned a lesson which didn’t involve the ‘crocodiles’ having to earn their redemption through some incredible act. The illustrations are funny and filled with little added jokes and bits of text. T told me, “I liked when the robbers got caught and you can see their undies but what’s in your pants belongs only to you. Unless a crocodile is going to eat you!”

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…

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