Review: The Best Kind of Bear

Tonight T picked out a library book that he was immediately drawn to because it begins in a library – The Best Kind of Bear by Greg Gormley and David Barrow.

Bear is at the library where he meets a young girl called Nelly. When she asks what kind of bear he is, Bear reveals that he is researching this very question. The research offers little in the way of answers so Bear sets off on an epic quest to the four corners of the globe in search of answers and a sense of belonging. With each bear he meets, initial hints at having found is species quickly crumble and eventually Bear heads back to the library where his quest started. There, with the help of Nelly, can he find where he truly belongs?

This is such a cute, enjoyable little story. The idea of searching for somewhere to belong is a powerful one and dealt with accessibly and enjoyably here. Bear is incredible likeable, as are the little hints through the story about exactly what kind of bear he is (T enjoyed working this out). The illustrations are a nice mix of warmth, epic spreads and gentle humour. T told me, “I liked the cute bear and I wish there was a pirate bear in the story who squashed bad guys!” Sequel penned already!

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the link below…

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