Review: I’ll Believe You When…

We recently received some lovely #bookpost from the legends at Lantana Publishing at it was from here that T picked tonight’s bedtime read – I’ll Believe You When… by Susan Schubert and Raquel Bonita.

Rather than a story, this cool little book is a fun exploration of language, and more specifically the idiom. Framed around a boy asking a friend if he can also see a Dragon, we are launched into an exploration what the rest of the world says when here in th UK we might say “when pigs fly.” From hairy frogs through to fish climbing trees, via buck-toothed chickens, there is certainly a lot that will have little ones giggling and adults scratching their heads at some of the nonsense! There is even an explanation of idioms at the end of the book.

This is one that the teacher in me can’t help but like and one that T laughed at throughout. With a world map, exploration of complex and playful language and inclusive illustrations, there is lots to enjoy in this book! One that I know T will come back to and which I shall be using in the classroom! T told me, “I thought the fish with legs was really funny and the frog with a moustache!”

You’ll have to wait until June to get your hands on copy of this awesomeness in bookshops, but you can get hold of it early here…

I'll Believe You When…Unbelievable Idioms from around the world

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