Review: Love Monster

T has been almost as excited for the launch of the latest CBeebies show as the presenters and author have and so he was very happy to come home today to the first 5 episodes ready to watch and the original book, Love Monster by Rachel Bright, for his bedtime story.

Love Monster lives in Cutesville but worries that he doesn’t fit in. Where everyone else is cute and fluffy, he is sort of funny-looking. Not one for moping about (I love that Rachel used this word), Love Monster heads out into the world in search of somebody to love him. Will his search being successful? Or is Love Monster about to find that, sometimes, love might find you when you least expect it?!

We love Rachel’s books and it’s a bit mad that we have gone so long without reading this. Must have been destiny for today to be the day. It’s a great little book, full of humour and language and nowhere near as fluffy and cuddly as you might think when you hearing the story is set in Cutesville! Love Monster is quirky and likeable and it’s easy to see how he has ended up with his own TV show (which both T and L sat glued to this evening). T enjoyed the story and told me, “Love Monster has a love heart and is lovely and fun.”

He channelled that fun for a solo read of the story before bed…

You can get yourself a copy of tonight’s read via the link below…

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