Review: Ten Little Aliens

With read and reviewed quite a few of the ‘Ten Little…’ series and tonight it was the turn of visitors from elsewhere as T picked out Ten Little Aliens, by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty, for his bedtime story.

The aliens have set out in search of a new home and stumble across a solar system very different to our own. As well as standard hazards like comets and extreme heat variations, all sorts of wacky things (couldn’t think of a better word) are helping us to zoom through the countdown from 10! There are exploding berries, broken sat navs and giant, parping monsters! Will the aliens ever find somewhere they can call home?

This series really has taken the counting to 10 book niche to a whole other level. And what’s really remarkable is even here, as we edge close to double figures (gotta be aiming for 10 right?!), it still reads fresh and exciting. There is humour and silliness on every page and the urge to search the illustrations for each meeting with some form of disaster is as strong as ever. T found it very amusing and told me, “I like the crashes and the parp is very funny. I want to look at that one again!”

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…

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