Review: The BIGGEST Story

Tonight, T picked out his bedtime story based on the "lovely animals" on the front cover of The BIGGEST Story by Sarah Coyle and Dan Taylor. Errol's mum is an epic story teller and he heads her way whenever he is in need of a bit of excitement. Unfortunately, on this occasion she has her... Continue Reading →

Review: Lights on Cotton Rock

Tonight, we finally got our hands on a book we have been waiting for ages to read - Lights on Cotton Rock by David Litchfield. Heather is a young girl fascinated by Outer Space. One night, she sneaks out of her house and into the woods, hoping for an alien encounter at her favourite hangout... Continue Reading →

Review: It’s a No-Money Day

After almost picking this one the last couple of nights, T finally decided the time was now for It's a No-Money Day by Kate Milner. This is the story of a young girl and her mum, living in poverty here in the UK. We share in intimate home moments were mum goes without food and... Continue Reading →

Review: Mole’s Star

For tonight's bedtime read, T was attracted by the "beautiful star" when he picked out Mole's Star by Britta Teckentrup. Mole loves spending his nights sat atop his favourite rock and admiring a sky full of twinkling stars. One night he sees a shooting star and wishes that all the stars could be his. His... Continue Reading →

Review: Magpie’s Treasure

We had a very late bedtime after an evening at a friends wedding, but still managed to squeeze in a story - Magpie's Treasure by Kate Slater. Magnus Magpie does what magpies do - he steals shiny things. He is rather prolific though and has a nest full of treasures. There is one thing that... Continue Reading →

Review: Troll Swap

T decided to keep the Troll theme going tonight when he picked out Troll Swap, by Leigh Hodgkinson, for his bedtime story. Timothy Limpet is a troll. Unfortunately, he isn't much cop at being a troll - he is tidy and polite when he should be messy and rude. Tabitha Lumpit is a girl. Sadly,... Continue Reading →

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