Assembly: Emil Zatopek

As well as a daily book with T, this year I am trying to read some adult books too! One of the first books I read was the fantastic Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak (you’ll know him as the author of The Book Thief).

Part way through the story, an athlete is mentioned called Emil Zatopek. I had never heard of him so decided to look him up and couldn’t quite believe the things I read! Breaking through the Iron Curtain, winning Olympic gold at the Marathon is his first ever race at that distance, giving away his golds, standing up to Russian tanks, become an original athlete in the IAAF Hall of Fame, and loads more besides!

I decided that I had to share his story with the children I teach, plumping for a whole-school assembly with KS1 and KS2 to share the story of an immense athlete and human being who should be spoken of in the same breath as people like Pele and Muhammad Ali!

Save yourself some time and enjoy an awesome assembly that your children will love (I’ve had loads of children asking more about him and sharing things in the days following my assembly). You can download an editable PowerPoint, for FREE, here…

29.1 Assembly – Emil Zatopek and Perseverance


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