Review: Scaredy Squirrel

Tonight, T picked out a story that came with the promise of a Richard & Judy (remember them?!) endorsement on its front cover – Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt.

As you can probably infer from the title, Scaredy Squirrel is a bit of a scaredy cat and never leaves his tree. There are pros and cons to this situation but it means he avoids the risk of bumping into sharks, martians, killer bees and all sorts of other terrors. However, whilst admiring the view one day, Scaredy Squirrel spots a bee and ends up falling from his safe zone! What might he learn following this terrifying incident?!

This is a hidden gem of a book. Reading it felt like we had discovered a secret. The writing is witty and punchy and there are lots of clever breaks in the story. Illustrations are quirky and suit the story well. T told me about his plans for helping Scaredy Squirrel get his emergency kit back (we could dress up in a big costume to keep safe from stingy leaves) before asking if he could read the book by himself…

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…

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