Review: The Day the Crayons Came Home

801 days ago we reviewed one of the most popular picture books of this century, and today we finally got round to the sequel - The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. This book follows the successful pattern of the original with a little twist. Rather than angry Crayons threatening... Continue Reading →

Space-Themed Lockdown Activities

This Friday is International Space Day (1st Friday in May apparently) and then next week its #StarWarsDay (May the 4th be with you) so, accidentally, these feel really well timed! Included here is a whole day of planning that you could use in school or at home (I used them on Monday which was my... Continue Reading →

Review: Gorilla

I was back with T for tonight's bedtime story and he picked out another classic - Gorilla by Anthony Browne. The book stars a young, gorilla-obsessed girl called Hannah. She is eager to share her passions with her father but, sadly, he is always too busy or too tired. When the gorilla she has asked... Continue Reading →

Review: The Best Gift of All

For tonights bedtime story, T decided on The Best Gift of All by Jonathan Emmett and Vanessa Cabban. This is our second meeting with Mole and here it was very easy to relate with how Mole was feeling. A spell of bad weather has left him stuck inside and unable to see his friends. Determined... Continue Reading →

Review: The First Hippo on the Moon

For tonight's bedtime read, T picked out The First Hippo on the Moon by David Walliams and Tony Ross. So, I guess this is supposed to be a tale of good versus evil. You have two hippos hoping to be the first hippo on the moon: one is the incredibly wealthy Hercules Waldorf-Franklin III and... Continue Reading →

Review: The Orangutan Who Sang

For tonight's bedtime story, T chose a book we found during a major tidy up today that we received a while back - The Orangutan Who Sang by Jay Vincent and Stew Wright. The singing orangutan is Olly and, despite what you might think from the title, he doesn't actually do all that much singing... Continue Reading →

Review: Chicken Licken

For tonight's bedtime story, T picked out a modern retelling of the Henny Penny fable - Chicken Licken by Mara Alperin and Nick East. In this version, Chicken Licken is introduced to us with the words "he wasn't the brightest chicken in the coop." Chicken Licken seems to be living up to this when he... Continue Reading →

Review: The Silver Serpent Cup

Tonight's bedtime story has been enjoying regular daytime reading this week and T decided tonight was the night it made it's way back upstairs - The Silver Serpent Cup by Jonathan Emmett and Ed Eaves. The Silver Serpent is the prize awaiting the winner of a no-holds-barred, 1000 mile race! There are vehicles of all... Continue Reading →

Review: Petunia Paris’s Parrot

For tonight's special edition bedtime story in a tent (why not right?!), T picked out a book we bought in a backstreet bookshop on a holiday a while ago - Petunia Paris's Parrot by Katie Haworth and Jo Williamson. Petunia is a very lucky/spoilt girl. When her fifth birthday comes around she is unable to... Continue Reading →

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