Review: The Moosic Makers

For tonight’s bedtime story, T was drawn to the “funny animals” on the front cover of The Moosic Maker by Heather Pindar and Barbara Bakos.

Joni is a farmer with a barn that plays host to two very talented, musical cows. Some of the other animals are sick of the cows, Celery and Nutmeg, getting all the attention but, when a storm blows the roof off their barn, it looks as though the Moosic Makers might be able to save the day. Busking leads to a meeting with a smarmy agent who suggests DisCOW music and soon the cows are stars. Unfortunately, it appears that only the agent is making any money. What can the cows do to put things right? And how might the other animals be able to finally take their chance to shine?

This is lots of fun to read aloud, with loads of wordplay and some lovely descriptive writing to explore together. The cautionary parts of the tale are clear, and T was very pleased to see Georgie Smarm get his comeuppance in the end. The illustrations are silly and lots of fun, bringing added humour to the story. T told me, “I like music and dancing like they do.” Him and his brother both!

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