Review: The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog

This week, we have been reading a book that I first read with a book club I ran as a teaching assistant back in 2012 – The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog by Jeremy Strong and Nick Sharratt.

The story is narrated by Trevor, a hapless young boy who makes a big mistake when he accepts his mums offer of £30 to walk their dog every day of the Easter holidays. This might not sound like a massive mistake by itself, but once you meet the family dog – Streaker – you realise earning that £30 is going to be a big ask! Streaker is a dog that moves, you guessed it, at a hundred miles an hour. She is almost impossible to control and ends up getting Trevor and his best friend, Tina, into all sorts of trouble.

There are multiple run-ins with the mean Sergeant Smugg, who doesn’t take kindly to accidental thefts, dogs causing car crashes or breaking and entering! Plus there is the added difficulties caused by the local thug, Sergeant Smugg’s son Charlie, and his three alsatians. With the threat of a yucky bath, increasing angry parents, a policeman on the warpath and a struggle to work out some new feelings, it looks as though the Easter holidays are going to be a big challenge for Trevor!

The book promises on its front cover that you will laugh your socks off and, to be fair, it is a promise that the book keeps well. This is silly and funny, with plenty of slapstick humour and character conflict. Think Mr Bean in book form and you’re halfway there! The writing moves as quickly as Streaker and is broken up by some funny illustrations by Nick Sharratt. T clearly enjoyed it and could recap what we had read each evening. When we finished, he told me, “that was really funny, especially that last bit when they nearly did a kiss!”

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