Review: Flat Stanley

We started this week with a classic that caught T’s interest immediately on seeing the front cover – Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.

As you can probably infer from the title, Stanley is the star of the story and he ends up flat after a noticeboard falls on him during the night. Whilst this might, at first, seem disastrous, Stanley is soon exploiting this new flatness in all sorts of novel ways. What starts as sliding under doors quickly turns into rides in envelopes and a turn as a kite!

Stanley is having great fun, much to the annoyance of his younger brother Arthur, and then he enjoys his most dangerous adventure of the book when he goes incognito in a picture frame to try and catch some art thieves. The success of this mission leads to fame but this quickly wears off and teasing about the flatness starts! Stanley wants to be normal again – can/will Arthur help to make this happen?

This story is over 55 years old and in some parts you can tell. Some of the language feels quite dated (because it is) and might require some explanation (I had to explain why they were drinking a toast for example). However, the story is still an exciting and totally original adventure that will capture the imagination of young readers. T has expressed envy at being unable to fit in an envelope and we have even had a go at squishing him flat! When we finished, he decided the story was, “silly, just silly and it doesn’t even make any sense!” We then had another try at turning him into Flat T!

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