Review: Horrid Henry

This week, we have been acquainting ourselves with someone who is possibly the world’s naughtiest boy – Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon and Tony Ross!

In what is the first of a huge number of books starring Horrid Henry, we are introduced to Henry though four short stories were he is given the chance to demonstrate exactly what it is that makes him so horrid. First up is Horrid Henry’s Perfect Day in which Henry decides to be as well behaved as his brother, Perfect Peter, only to let his good work slip after an incident with a plate of food and his mother’s head!

Dance class is next and we watch Horrid Henry ruin a performance before we see how badly he plays with friends in Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret. The last, and longest, story sees the family set off on a camping holiday. When things aren’t as Henry had hopped, his behaviour spirals until he eventually gets his own way after destroying every tent at the campground! How horrid!

Henry is a character who truly lives up to the title given him by Francesca. If you are looking for life lessons and learning, you need to look elsewhere. What you get here is lots of giggles and a way to easily engage young readers. The accompanying illustrations by Tony Ross are lots of fun and immediately recognisable. T enjoyed our read but he was very unhappy with how naughty Horrid Henry was! He told me, “I really don’t like him because he is so naughty. Not even the naughtiest children or even naughty bad guy adults are that bad. What on Earth?!”

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