Review: Big Wig

Having somehow contrived to lose a book we started, we have spent the last couple of days enjoying Big Wig by Colin West.

Big Wig is a giant who got his name because he wears a big, ginger wig. Big Wig loves his wig, but a combination of laughter from the other giants and an encounter with Toothy Peg, his secret love, leads Big Wig to go wondering in the mountains where a sudden gust of wind sees giant and giant wig separated!

The wig ends up in the Land of Little People were an industrious family use it to thatch the roof of their cottage! And it is in this roof that Big Wig eventually finds his wig and struggles to remove it! A last try with some pepper leads to another encounter with Toothy Peg, a surprising revelation and a realisation that you should love yourself for what you are, imperfections and all!

This is a cracking little book for young readers moving on to chapter books. It is nice and short, full of funky, two-tone illustrations and is lots of fun! T was eager to read more each day and was very keen to finish the book this evening – always a good sign! He told me, “that was one of my favourites. I liked the orange hair because it is like mine!” He was also taken by the love story at the heart of this book and rushed to show his mummy the final few pages after we had finished!

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