Review: Pirate Blunderbeard

For the last week we have been enjoying an awesome story from an author we know from our picture book days – Pirate Blunderbeard by Amy Sparkes and Ben Cort.

Blunderbeard is a pirate in name only. He much prefers cupcakes to cutlass’, is afraid of fish and is no good at sailing his ship! Unfortunately, his nasty brother – Blackbeard – puts his pirate title under threat and then, to make matters worse, his mum enters him into the Pirate of the Year Award! What follows is a year of Blunderbeard lurching from one disaster to another, with his hapless pet chicken Boris as his only real company! Can Blunderbeard turn his year around and prove he is worthy of the pirate title, or is he doomed to walk the plank?!

We had a lot of fun reading this story. It is written in the style of a diary, so you are given full access to Blunderbeard’s often hilarious thoughts and worries. There is plenty of slapstick humour and some fun wordplay that adult readers will secretly enjoy (Harbour Grudge is a work of genius)! There are also plenty of fun illustrations bringing the main events and Blunderbeard’s bonkers inventions to life! Definitely worth a look, T told me on finishing, “that was AWESOME! I really like the funny pirate and his chicken!”

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