World Book Day Reading – Sunday Rain & Protect the Planet

To celebrate the awesomeness that is World Book Day 2021, we enjoyed a couple of reads. First up was a gorgeous picture book called Sunday Rain by Rosie J. Pova and Amariah Rauscher. This was then followed by T’s choice with his World Book Day voucher – Protect the Planet by Jess French and Aleesha Nandhra.

Sunday Rain is a genuinely lovely picture book about a boy called Elliott who has just moved into a new house in a new neighbourhood. He spends his time with his nose in a book until the sound of laughter and splashing in puddles draws Elliott to his bedroom window. He is shy at first, but some encouragement from Mama and a healthy dose of story-filled imagination soon sees Elliott surrounded by new friends and diving head-first into a new adventure with them!

This one is perfect for World Book Day and book lovers everywhere! The brilliance of reading and imagination is placed front and centre to help a young boy overcome his shyness in a realistic, touching way. Elliott is a mixed-race star of the story which also includes a female knight taming a dragon, giving this book a big thumbs up in terms of inclusion and diversity – always great to see. Go check it out!

Protect the Planet was a sure-fire pick for T, and he went straight for it despite the strong competition on offer in this year’s World Book Day line-up! Inside, you find an accessible, understandable whistle-stop tour of environmental damage that has been caused by humanity alongside a truck-load of suggestions on what we can do to reverse this damage and better protect Earth for current and future generations. Colourful, clear and straight-to-the-point, this is sure to start conversation and spark ideas. There is also a great mix of illustrations and images to showcase some of the key ideas that had T engaged and at times quite angry with his fellow humans! If your child hasn’t chosen a book yet, this one is highly recommended!


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