Review: Finney’s Story

Tonight was our stop on the #blogtour for a book born from an awesome competition – Finney’s Story by Alana Washington and Charlotte Caswell.

Finney is a fox who confidently declares first that he has written a book for foxes before a rethink gives him a book for everyone. The trouble is, when his cat friend asks for some basic info on the story, Finney has to admit that he hasn’t actually got that far! He is full of ideas though, the only issue being all of his ideas (from a fox who likes dressing in grannies clothes to three pigs with a passion for building) seem to have been done already!

Cat takes Finney to the library for inspiration but, at first, this plan seems to backfire! It looks as though all of the story ideas have been used already! But then Finney realises that there were no stories with him or his friends in and it is this realisation that finally gives Finney his original idea – his story will be his story!!!

Originality is hard and that is shown in this story, but alongside a powerful message that teachers the reader that everyone has their own unique story to tell. And Finney is sure to inspire young readers to have a go at telling their own stories – he is confident and full of spark! The illustrations really match the character too – Charlotte has created a set of bright, bold pages with black text leaping off at the reader. T enjoyed this and told me, “I liked it because I also like writing stories.”

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