Egypt-themed Lockdown Activities

Ancient Egypt is surely one of the most fascinating periods in human history, full of Gods, Pharaohs, riches, architecture and incredible stories! With this in mind, I thought that key worker children might enjoy a day based around the awesomeness of Egypt! You can download my planning and PPT below, for FREE. There is;some Yoga... Continue Reading →

Space-Themed Lockdown Activities

This Friday is International Space Day (1st Friday in May apparently) and then next week its #StarWarsDay (May the 4th be with you) so, accidentally, these feel really well timed! Included here is a whole day of planning that you could use in school or at home (I used them on Monday which was my... Continue Reading →

Tiger-Themed Lockdown Activities!

If you follow this blog, you'll know that I teach and also that I love using picture books and Sir David Attenborough's TV shows in the classroom! With the current situation, I decided to plan a day of activities based around an animal that stars in both of these media - the tiger - to... Continue Reading →

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