Our Planet KS1 Trailer Comprehension

I have loved watching the latest Sir David Attenborough natural history spectacular, Our Planet and it's something I believe everyone should have the chance to see. To that end, I have written a set of comprehensions for both KS1 and KS2. Here, you can find a KS1 comprehension set (with answers) based on this EPIC... Continue Reading →


Our Planet KS2 Cutest Baby Animals Comprehension

How can you not love anything that David Attenborough does! I was so inspired by his latest series with Netflix - Our Planet - that I decided to put together a set of comprehensions to use with my class over the rest of this school year! Amongst many awesome clips of the show that Netflix... Continue Reading →

Moana Comprehension!

I don't know about you, but whenever I have a playground duty I hear the song How Far I'll Go being sung pretty much constantly. In an attempt to cash in on this obvious popularity, I have written a comprehensions for the children's favourite song from the movie Moana! 😀 How Far I'll Go -... Continue Reading →

Superhero Map Display!

Attached is a file containing the superhero posters I made to create the above display. I had had the map up in my room all year and it had just become a piece of unused wallpaper so I decided to spruce it up in a way that I thought my class (and I) might enjoy!... Continue Reading →

Whole Class Reading Planning – Volcanoes!

Where I teach and lead Reading we currently teach using whole class reading via a combination of Reciprocal Reading and the Read with RIC approach. Included here is a week of Reading planning with a focus on Volcanoes (our current topic). There are 2 reciprocal reading lessons planned using non-fiction extracts titled Heart of Fire... Continue Reading →

Shotgun Comprehension

Now, I first realised that George Ezra's song Shotgun was getting ridiculously popular when I heard it being played as part of a reception class phonics lesson (it was being used as part of a pass the parcel/sound game!). Since then though, it has reached another level with my own class as our ukulele teacher... Continue Reading →

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