Seven Worlds, One Planet: Brown Hyena Comprehension!

With the latest incredible offering form Sir David Attenborough and the BBC drawing to a close, we headed to the home of iconic wildlife - Africa - for a look at some of the most incredible and endangered animals on our beautiful planet. One such animal is the stupendously rare Brown Hyena, and in a... Continue Reading →

Seven Worlds, One Planet: Adorable Hamster Comprehension!

Now, in the FRED household we have a pet hamster, so we were very pleased to see them play a starring role in Sir David Attenborough and the BBC's epic new show Seven Worlds, One Planet! This clip has been well named and is guaranteed to have your class ooooooohhhing and aaaaaaaaahhhhhing throughout! You can... Continue Reading →

Our Planet KS1 Trailer Comprehension

I have loved watching the latest Sir David Attenborough natural history spectacular, Our Planet and it's something I believe everyone should have the chance to see. To that end, I have written a set of comprehensions for both KS1 and KS2. Here, you can find a KS1 comprehension set (with answers) based on this EPIC... Continue Reading →

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