Review – Little Bear’s Spring

For tonight's bedtime read, T picked out a gorgeous-looking book we received recently - Little Bear's Spring by Elli Woollard and Briony May Smith. Little Bear wakes up one morning to a vast and seemingly empty world, devoid of life and covered in snow. With no-one to play with, Bear spots a stone and heads... Continue Reading →


Review – The Night Dragon

T decided he wanted to read with mummy tonight so that meant Daddy got to read with Baby L. He got a book for Christmas that I have been eyeing enviously so tonight I took the opportunity to read it - The Night Dragon by Naomi Howarth. Maud is a a colourful dragon, one of... Continue Reading →

Review – Flying Lemurs

Tonight's bedtime story ended with T doing rocket jumps around his bedroom! We read Flying Lemurs by Zehra Hicks. Tonight's story is narrated by a young lemur whose family (Mum, Dad and Granny) are all very good at jumping. Mum does a great trapeze, Dad is awesome in the trampoline and Granny is a whizz... Continue Reading →

Review – The Nut Stayed Shut

Tonight T was drawn to a squirrel doing what he called "the stop" - judge him for yourself at the end of the review! We read The Nut Stayed Shut by Mike Henson. Rodney is a champion nut cracker and he has the bling to prove it. So, when he is given the challenge of... Continue Reading →

Review – The Great Explorer

Tonight, T was drawn to the boy carrying "a hammer for ice" on the front cover of The Great Explorer by Chris Judge. Tom is a young boy with a famous explorer for a dad. When he wakes up one morning to headlines that his dad is missing, he doesn't hesitate to pack his bag... Continue Reading →

Review – Am I Yours?

T has an often forgotten like of dinosaurs and his like was sparked immediately when he saw the cover of tonight's bedtime story - Am I Yours? by Alex Latimer. This dinosaur rhyme stars an egg (true story!) which is blown from its nest. It survives a cold night and then, with the arrival of... Continue Reading →

Review – Mrs Blackhat

For tonight's bedtime story, T rediscovered a book he had spent ages sat reading on our last visit to the library (so much so he was sure we had read it for the blog and made me go through a check!) - Mrs Blackhat by ChloĆ« and Mick Inkpen. Mrs Blackhat is a witch who... Continue Reading →

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