Review: The Animals of Farthing Wood

For the last week or so we have been enjoying a beautifully illustrated version of one of my all-time favourite books - The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann and Stuart Trotter. There probably isn't much I need to say about this story as I would imagine any adult reading this blog has read... Continue Reading →

Review: Pirate Blunderbeard

For the last week we have been enjoying an awesome story from an author we know from our picture book days - Pirate Blunderbeard by Amy Sparkes and Ben Cort. Blunderbeard is a pirate in name only. He much prefers cupcakes to cutlass', is afraid of fish and is no good at sailing his ship!... Continue Reading →

Review: I Believe in Unicorns

This week, we have been tackling one of our meatiest books to date - I Believe in Unicorns by the storytelling titan that is Michael Morpurgo, with illustrations by Gary Blythe. Wow! It really is quite remarkable how much is packed in to less than 100 pages here! There is exploration of religion, war and... Continue Reading →

Review: Tooth Fairy

For tonight's bedtime story we joined Little Bro L in his new football net bed to share a book as old as me that was mummy's when she was a child - Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood. Honestly, the book was dreadful. The story, of a jealous sister, a fake tooth made of corn and... Continue Reading →

Review: Big Wig

Having somehow contrived to lose a book we started, we have spent the last couple of days enjoying Big Wig by Colin West. Big Wig is a giant who got his name because he wears a big, ginger wig. Big Wig loves his wig, but a combination of laughter from the other giants and an... Continue Reading →

Review: Horrid Henry

This week, we have been acquainting ourselves with someone who is possibly the world's naughtiest boy - Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon and Tony Ross! In what is the first of a huge number of books starring Horrid Henry, we are introduced to Henry though four short stories were he is given the chance to... Continue Reading →

Review: Gordon the Gremlin

We had a second picture book for the week tonight as it was our stop on the #blogtour for a book released into the world just yesterday - Gordon the Gremlin by brother and sister duo Lizzie Exton and Tom Exton. Gordon is the naughtiest of gremlins and causes all manner of mess and disaster... Continue Reading →

Review: The Spots and the Dots

Tonight we dipped back into the world of picture books to read a book that is actually two books in one - The Spots and the Dots by Helen Baugh and Marion Deuchars. We decided to start our reading in the blue corner with the Dots, a small tribe who live on one side of... Continue Reading →

Review: Flat Stanley

We started this week with a classic that caught T's interest immediately on seeing the front cover - Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. As you can probably infer from the title, Stanley is the star of the story and he ends up flat after a noticeboard falls on him during the night. Whilst this might,... Continue Reading →

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