Review – My Mum’s a Bug-Eyed Monster

T had a busy evening at his school disco and then voting with Daddy before we headed to bed where he licked out My Mum's a Bug-Eyed Monster, by Andy Rigden and Jim Landen, for his bedtime story. The story is narrated by a young child with a rather monstrous mum! With bug-eyes, long arms,... Continue Reading →


Review – The King of Space

Today T decided on a book that Father Christmas brought him last year - The King of Space by Jonny Duddle. Rex is a young boy who lives on a small moon way out in the middle of nowhere. Mum and dad try to keep him busy with chores until Rex decides to put his... Continue Reading →

Review – Gary

Tonight T picked out a book that we stumbled across on a recent charity shop visit, drawn to it's incredible title! Gary by Leila Rudge. Gary is a pigeon who, most of the time, is just like all the other racing pigeons he lives with. He enjoys the same food and shares the same passions;... Continue Reading →

Review – Never Say No to a Princess!

Tonight, T had a recommendation courtesy of mummy and Baby L, and so picked Never Say No to a Princess, by Tracey Corderoy and Kate Leake, for his bedtime story. The princess has a house spilled with sparkly things and yet nothing ever makes her smile. With threats to cry, she demands the best ice-cream... Continue Reading →

Review – Not Enough for Queen Fluff

T kept up the animal theme for picking his bedtime story, selecting Not Enough for Queen Fluff by Rachel Lyon and Catalina Echeverri. Queen Fluff is the fanciest bunny in town. She appears to have everything you could ever want, servants, a stagecoach, a grand burrow, etc, but this Queen feels lonely and bored. Eager... Continue Reading →

Review – Birdsong

Tonight, after a busy day including a visit to the park with mummy and Baby L, T was eager to find an animal book and picked out Birdsong, by Ellie Sandall, for his bedtime story. Birdsong is a simple story about one big tree and the birds that land on it. Beginning with one bird... Continue Reading →

Review – Come on, Tiger Tom

Tonight T headed straight into his own room to pick from a hefty pile of books, choosing Come on, Tiger Tom, by Gabriel Alborozo, for his bedtime story. Tiger Tom is a young cub who heads out on hot day for some tiger lessons with mum. Tom tries to follow mum's instructions but, whether fishing,... Continue Reading →

Review – Billy and the Beast

T was back to his current favourite trick of selecting a book from Baby L's pile rather than his own tonight, picking out Billy and the Beast, by Nadia Shireen, for his bedtime story. Billy and her pet, Fatcat, are enjoying a walk through the forest making sure to say hello to all the animals... Continue Reading →

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